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Kingston Advisors is a premier New York City-based Investor and Public Relations firm

One of New York City’s leading full service investor and public relations firms, Kingston Advisors has its finger on the pulse of the industry. We’re in the business of managing our clients’ relationships with current and prospective shareholders, media contacts and industry experts. Highly rated worldwide by both public and private companies, our diverse clientele receives access to our high caliber, deep-pocketed network of investors and influencers. After honing in on your target market, we develop and implement the strategies necessary to capture their attention.

At Kingston Advisors, we custom-tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients, allowing them to connect with their target market, tell their story, and bolster their bottom line. Whether you want to build long-term relationships with world-class institutional and independent investors, host a corporate event to raise awareness, attract media attention to publicize a new campaign, or simply build your brand identity, the team of industry experts at Kingston Advisors is committed to exceeding your expectations.

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With associates in North American and European financial centers of the world, Kingston Advisors was originally founded to assist companies with their investor relations objectives. Representing both private and publicly-traded companies listed on major North American, European, South African and Australian exchanges, Kingston Advisors has carved a reputable name for itself. The firm has rapidly grown into one of the premier investor relations and public relations firms in New York City.


Offering an extensive range of services to meet your needs, our event coordinators are dedicated to producing professional, memorable events. We ensure that our events and conferences are custom-tailored to reflect our clients' identities and help them achieve their goals. The team at Kingston Advisors takes pride in helping private companies, associations and non-profits produce exceptional tradeshows, conventions, conferences, gala events and fundraisers.


We have the resources to create value for established revenue-generating corporations, as well as start-up and micro-cap firms who find it difficult and expensive to attract the attention of qualified investors and financial media.


To enhance client’s market value, we have enhanced our offerings by putting together a team, which is entrepreneurial in spirit and drive, to provide services we feel many Micro, Small, and Mid-Cap companies lack.


Kingston Advisors creates custom-tailored solutions that maximize long-term shareholder value and increase investor’s awareness of our clients.